Sandy Feldman beautiful, usable, accessible web sites

Accessible Web Design

Cantor Access

“Sandy builds the kinds of websites that I’d want to design if I was still designing websites.”

Chuck Letourneau,
co-chair of the WAI Page Author Guidelines working group

“Sandy is a superb web developer, and a pleasure to work with: she is personable and professional, has an eye for detail, and got the job done, on time and within budget.”

Alan Cantor, President,

Inclusive Media & Design

“Sandy has honed her technical know-how to gracefully complement her design, problem solving and advisory talents; and – she’s a genuine pleasure to work with!”

Rob Harvie, Director, Inclusive Media and Design Inc.,

Sketches and photos by Sandy Feldman.

The Holy Gasp

“…a creative approach to problem solving, and a harmonious collaborative spirit. She is imaginative, industrious, sensitive, and reliable. Not only do I intend to work with Sandy on other future projects, I would refer her services to just about anyone seeking web development and design. She is truly one of the greats! ”

Benjamin Hackman, front man for The Holy Gasp,

BALANCE for Blind Adults

“She delivered an excellent product on time and within budget, and was wonderful to work with every step of the way.”

Deborah Gold, Executive Director
at BALANCE for Blind Adults,